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The Nashville Mavericks Mite Hockey Program focuses on developing and challenging players to get out of their comfort zone each and every practice. Key goals are to help improve player's passion and confidence in game situations. Research has shown the first speed window for athletes is from 6-8 years old, and that a good practice allows players to touch the puck on a regular basis, meaning 1 good practice can equal 12 games played. It is important for drills to allow each and every player to get the same touches, which is a foundation of the Nashville Mavericks Mite Hockey Program. This model helps the more advanced player develop at their pace, as well as players who have not played as long. The focus of the Nashville Mavericks Mite Hockey Program is the development of each and every player, as well as building confidence and skill at this early age.




2024/2025 program details:

This will be our 4th year of the Nashville Mavericks Mite Hockey Program. By providing local Nashville mite hockey players an opportunity to improve their skill sets, the focus of the program is on practice. It is very important for players to be challenged in practices, which allows every player to improve. Players will get dedicated practices during the week and a game concept day, allowing players an opportunity to progress . We can promise you that every player will improve their skill set throughout the course of the season. 


Key Details

  • Mite development hockey program

  • 2 practices during the week

  • 1 weekend practice and/or game day

  • Practices to be held in Franklin, TN

  • Tournaments/events

  • September 2024 season start; End of February 2025 season end


  • $2,950 per player (covers coaching, ice time, home and away jerseys, home and away socks, tournament entry fees)

  • $1,525 per goalie (covers coaching, ice time, home and away jerseys, home and away socks, tournament entry fees)

Please read additional FAQ below for more program details



Coach Jordan French has over 20 years of coaching and skill training experience. He is a professional skills coach to current NHL, College, Major Junior and Youth hockey players.


What are the benefits and goals of the Mavericks Mite Hockey Program?
Teams will have dedicated coaches, practice plans, and a real purpose behind the program. The program will include tournaments/events which will challenge the players to get out of their comfort zone. Games give players a reference and understanding of why working hard and team play is very important. A goal of the program is to help every player improve. By focusing on each player improving their skill set, this will build confidence.

What are the key fundamentals for the Mavericks?
We believe in encouraging each player to get out of their comfort zone. Our goal is to make sure every player loves the game of hockey.

How will tournaments and teams work?

Players will be assigned to a tournament team at the start of the season for tournaments. This will allow families to have their practice and game schedules at the start of the season. Our goal is to have schedules finalized by late summer 2024, which will give families time to plan.

Who are the coaches?
Coach Jordan French will run all weekday sessions and skills sessions. Each team will be assigned coaches for games. 

What are the age groups?

2016 to 2019 birth years

What are the practice times and days?

All players in the program will practice together in one practice group for two sessions during the week (i.e. Mon, Wed). Team specific practices will be held on Saturdays.


If you are interested in the program, please fill out the MAVERICKS INTEREST FORM

If you have further questions, please email

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